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Deshun OrozcoCaptured
Deshun Orozco

AKA: Deshun Nathaniel Orozco

Wanted for: Assault - Family - Choking/Strangulation

DOB: 06/14/89

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 140lbs.

Robert Glen SpearsCaptured
Robert Glen Spears

Wanted for: Murder

DOB: 06/22/88

Details: B/M, 5’ 10”, 185lbs.

Dannie KindleCaptured
Dannie Kindle

AKA: Dannie Delandus Kindle

Wanted for: Agg Promo Prost; Poss CS PG 1 1-4 Gm; Traff Person Engage Cond/Sex; Trafficking of Persons

DOB: 07/04/83

Details: B/M, 5’ 11”, 240lbs.

Moises TrujilloCaptured
Moises Trujillo

AKA: Moises Armendar Trujillo

Wanted for: Agg Sexual Assault - Child

DOB: 07/26/77

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 180lbs.

Genevieve TijerinaCaptured
Genevieve Tijerina

AKA: Genevieve Martinez

Wanted for: Prostitution - 3 or More Priors (multiple)

DOB: 12/19/83

Details: W/F, 5’ 1”, 120lbs.

George R. YanezCaptured
George R. Yanez

Wanted for: Parole Violation

DOB: 01/25/1959

Details: H/M, 5’ 3”, 135lbs.

Stephanie HarpelCaptured
Stephanie Harpel

AKA: Stephanie Carol Harpel

Wanted for: Prostitution - 3 or More Prior (multiple)

DOB: 05/09/71

Details: W/F, 5’ 5”, 190lbs.

Ralph Isaac MorteoCaptured
Ralph Isaac Morteo

AKA: Isaac Morteo

Wanted for: Aggravated Assault - SBI

DOB: 02/19/88

Details: W/M, 5’ 11”, 150lbs.

Tristan Develle LewisCaptured
Tristan Develle Lewis

AKA: T-Cruz

Wanted for: Aggravated assault w/ deadly weapon; assault bodily injury - married; driving while intoxicated - 2nd

DOB: 12/04/81

Details: B/M, 5’ 6”, 200lbs.

Domika CrispCaptured
Domika Crisp

Wanted for: Injury to Child-BI-Intent/Know; Theft $20 - $500-Check

DOB: 05/15/79

Details: B/F, 5’ 11”, 180lbs.

Michael Adrian SalasCaptured
Michael Adrian Salas

AKA: Adrian Michael Salas

Wanted for: Aggravated Asslt w/ Ddly Wpn

DOB: 09/29/1987

Details: W/M, 6’ 0”, 180lbs.

Roger JuarezCaptured
Roger Juarez

AKA: Rogelio Juarez, Jr.

Wanted for: Aggravated sexual assault - child

DOB: 04/30/75

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 160lbs.

Larry Antwan EvansCaptured
Larry Antwan Evans

AKA: “Ant”

Wanted for: Assault bodily injury - married; Aggravated assault - SBI

DOB: 07/29/85

Details: B/M, 5’ 5”, 160lbs.

Richard MorrisCaptured
Richard Morris

AKA: Richard Jerel Morris

Wanted for: False name/info and forgery; Aggravated robbery; Theft $20-500 Check

DOB: 10/28/88

Details: B/M, 5’ 9”, 235lbs.

Jaime Deleon-RamosCaptured
Jaime Deleon-Ramos

AKA: Jaime Antonio Deleon Ramos; Jaime A. Deleon

Wanted for: Agg Sexual Assault - Child

DOB: 04/25/1978

Details: W/M, 5’ 2”, 180lbs.

Darryl Lynn ThompsonCaptured
Darryl Lynn Thompson

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery; Possession Marijuana 0-2oz.

DOB: 10/02/1989

Details: B/M, 5’ 11”, 175lbs.

Marcus Daniel WilliamsCaptured
Marcus Daniel Williams

AKA: Marcus X Williams

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

DOB: 08/23/1985

Details: B/M, 6’ 0”, 170lbs.

Antoine Devon HendersonCaptured
Antoine Devon Henderson

Wanted for: Unauthorized carrying weapon-Handgun-MV (multiple); POSS CS (multiple); POSS MARIJ (multiple)

DOB: 04/13/1988

Details: B/M, 6’ 1”, 150lbs.

Tanya SandersonCaptured
Tanya Sanderson

AKA: Tanya Nicole Sanderson

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

DOB: 07/08/77

Details: B/F, 5’ 9”, 140lbs.

Joshua Louis Edwards Captured
Joshua Louis Edwards

AKA: Keith Edwards; Nickname “J”

Wanted for: Aggravated promotion of prostitution

DOB: 10/05/1990

Details: B/M, 6’ 2”, 230lbs.

Darrah Joniece ColemanCaptured
Darrah Joniece Coleman

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

DOB: 12/15/1989

Details: B/F, 5’ 8”, 135lbs.

Ashley Jonelle ColemanCaptured
Ashley Jonelle Coleman

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

DOB: 01/08/1986

Details: B/F, 5’ 9”, 173lbs.

Audrey Rose GuerreroCaptured
Audrey Rose Guerrero

Wanted for: Injury to Child-SBI-Omission

DOB: 06/30/1991

Details: W/F, 5’ 6”, 160lbs.

Jesse Moncada Jr.Captured
Jesse Moncada Jr.

Wanted for: Sexual Assault - Child

DOB: 07/08/1977

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 125lbs.

Aaron RodriguezCaptured
Aaron Rodriguez

Wanted for: Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child; Burglary habitation - force; Poss marijuana 0-2 oz.

DOB: 10/10/1992

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 200lbs.

Guillermo LugoCaptured
Guillermo Lugo

Wanted for: Sexual Assault-Child; Indecency w/ Child-Contact; Possession Child Pornography

DOB: 07/04/1962

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 145lbs.

Jesus RamirezCaptured
Jesus Ramirez

Wanted for: Aggravated Sexual Assault - Child

DOB: 01/30/1989

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 180lbs.

Christopher JonesCaptured
Christopher Jones

During jury selection for his trial, Christopher Jones left the Bexar County Courthouse and removed his ankle monitor.

DOB: 02/14/1982

Paul GarciaCaptured
Paul Garcia

Wanted for: Felon Poss. Firearm; Poss w/I Del CS PG1 4G-200; Agg Asslt w/ Deadly Weapon; Burg Vehicle - 2nd

DOB: 08/17/1985

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 180lbs.

Robert G. FloresCaptured
Robert G. Flores

Wanted for: Assault - Family 2nd Offense; Continuous violence against family

DOB: 08/24/1982

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 150lbs.

Keri Jo PattersonCaptured
Keri Jo Patterson

Wanted for: Possession with intent to deliver; PG1 4G-200G

DOB: 07/30/1988

Details: W/F, 5’ 3”, 125lbs.

Dagoberto GarciaCaptured
Dagoberto Garcia

Wanted for: Aggravated Sexual Assult-Child (multiple); Indecency w/ child-contact

DOB: 12/13/1981

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 295lbs.

Adriana Amber GomezCaptured
Adriana Amber Gomez

Wanted for: Traff Child Intent Forced Labor

DOB: 01/29/1992

Details: W/F, 5’ 4”, 120lbs.

Ysidro Gonzales EsquivelCaptured
Ysidro Gonzales Esquivel

Wanted for: Traff Child Intent Forced Labor

DOB: 08/05/1980

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 145lbs.

Vivian SalinasCaptured
Vivian Salinas

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

DOB: 04/04/1985

Details: W/F, 5’ 0”, 130lbs.

Sylvia Gomez PaezCaptured
Sylvia Gomez Paez

Wanted for: Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon

DOB: 07/13/1954

Details: W/F, 5’ 3”, 120lbs.

Monte GovanCaptured
Monte Joseph Govan II

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/ Deadly Weapon; Poss Marihuana 0-2 oz.; Unlawful restraint - Risk SB

DOB: 05/09/1994

Details: B/M, 5’ 9”, 160lbs.

Martin Aaron RackleyCaptured
Martin Aaron Rackley

Wanted for: Continuous Violence against family; Agg Asslt w/ Deadly Weapon

DOB: 06/22/1987

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 220lbs.

Aida Araceli ValdezCaptured
Aida Araceli Valdez

Wanted for: Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly Weapon

DOB: 10/01/1971

Details: W/F, 4’ 11”, 140lbs.

Delton Lewis BaileyCaptured
Delton Lewis Bailey

Wanted for: Continuous Violence against Family

DOB: 07/20/1978

Details: B/M, 5’ 11”, 160lbs.

Malik Rashawn JumuahCaptured
Malik Rashawn Jumuah

Wanted for: Forge government instrument

DOB: 10/24/1972

Details: B/M, 5’ 11”, 160lbs.

Samuel Jerald CrawfordCaptured
Samuel Jerald Crawford

Wanted for: Robbery

DOB: 01/10/1994

Details: W/M, 5’ 4”, 150lbs.

Ismael GarzaCaptured
Ismael Garza

Wanted for: Viol. Sex Offender Reg-Life/90

DOB: 08/06/1983

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 165lbs.

Joe Daniel OlveraCaptured
Joe Daniel Olvera

Wanted for: Unauthorized Use MV; Possession CS PG 1 less than 1 gr; Municipal Court Warrant

DOB: 09/28/1992

Details: W/M, 5’ 7”, 250lbs.

Daniel RodriguezCaptured
Daniel Rodriguez

Wanted for: Evading arrest/detention; left $1.5k-$20k - veh; poss cs pg 1 < 1 gra; fail id-fug-int give false info.; violation bond/prot order; assult; DWI

DOB: 04/27/1991

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 190lbs.

Donald Lee BellfyCaptured
Donald Lee Bellfy

Wanted for: Violation of Sex Offender Registration

DOB: 04/04/1960

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 165lbs.

Juan Rodriguez Sanchez, Jr.Captured
Juan Rodriguez Sanchez, Jr.

Wanted for: Violation sex offender registration with previous conviction

DOB: 05/09/1972

Details: H/M, 5’ 2”, 121lbs.

Roger CantuCaptured
Roger Cantu

Wanted for: Criminal Tresspass-Habit/Shelter; Assault-Family 2nd Offense

DOB: 10/29/1986

Details: W/M, 6’ 2”, 150lbs.

Charles SpearsCaptured
Charles Spears


DOB: 11/08/1978

Details: B/M, 5’ 7”, 200lbs.

Aurelio Guerrero HonestoCaptured
Aurelio Guerrero Honesto

Wanted for: Assault-Public Servant; Assault-Family Choking; Strangulation

DOB: 05/25/1970

Details: H/M, 5’ 9”, 185lbs.

James JordanCaptured
James Jordan

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

DOB: 11/26/1976

Details: W/M, 6’ 0”, 220lbs.

Bernard PuenteCaptured
Bernard Puente

Wanted for: Felon Poss Firearm; Poss w/i Del CS PG1 200G-400

DOB: 10/13/1986

Details: L/M, 5’ 8”, 180lbs.

James SedilloCaptured
James Gavino Sedillo

Wanted for: Sexual Assault

DOB: 07/07/1965

Details: L/M, 5’ 6”, 150lbs.

Joseph Michael FentonCaptured
Joseph Michael Fenton

Wanted for: Theft $500 - $1,500; Theft $1,500 to $20,000; Outstanding warrant from Colorado Springs, CO

DOB: 10/03/1969

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 175lbs.

Homero CarrilloCaptured
Homero Carrillo

Wanted for: Violation of sex offender registry

DOB: 09/21/1984

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 175lbs.

Michael Rene SotoCaptured
Michael Rene Soto

Wanted for: Agg. kidnapping; Agg. sexual assault; Assault-family-choking/strangulation

DOB: 02/03/1981

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 190lbs.

Harold Roman HollowayCaptured
Harold Roman Holloway

Wanted for: Burglary Building-Intent Theft

DOB: 04/14/1973

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 175lbs.

Ronald Jeffery BridgewaterCaptured
Ronald Jeffery Bridgewater

Wanted for: Endangering a child; Burglary of a habitation

DOB: 03/24/1973

Details: W/M, 6’ 2”, 200lbs.

Devonna Kay BridgwaterCaptured
Devonna Kay Bridgewater

Wanted for: Poss of Marijuana, 0-2 oz.

DOB: 05/24/1973

Details: W/F, 5’ 5”, 170lbs.

Picture of Prince Charles KindredCaptured
Prince Charles Kindred

Wanted for: Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

DOB: 01/11/1985

Details: B/M, 5’ 8”, 153lbs.

Joe Rufus TorresCaptured
Joe Rufus Torres

Wanted for: Sexual Assault

DOB: 06/14/1979

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 230lbs.

Clemente Herrera, Jr.Captured
Clemente Herrera, Jr.

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/ Deadly Weapon

DOB: 01/28/1966

Details:W/M , 6’ 2”, 275lbs.

John Paul SchenckCaptured
John Paul Schenck

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/ a Deadly Weapon

DOB: 04/27/1987

Details: W/M, 6’, 275lbs.

Othel Leray ThompsonCaptured
Othel Leray Thompson

Wanted for: Viol. Sex Offender reg - 10 yr

DOB: 06/03/1985

Details: B/M, 6’ 2”, 275lbs.

Picture of Julio Cesar RamirezCaptured
Julio Cesar Ramirez

Wanted for: Theft $20,000 - $100,000 Motor Vehicle

DOB: 04/21/1987

Details: H/M, 5’ 5”, 160lbs.

Mark Stephen GuerreroCaptured
Mark Stephen Guerrero

Wanted for: Theft $20,000 to $100,000 enhanced

DOB: 09/15/1971

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 210lbs.

Jerome Antonio StarkesCaptured
Jerome Antonio Starkes

Wanted for: Burg Habitation with intent to commit assult

DOB: 06/25/1980

Details: B/M, 5’ 8”, 205lbs.

Shawn Dean CarverCaptured
Shawn Dean Carver

Wanted for: Burg hab-intent commit assalt

DOB: 11/11/1967

Details: ITE/M, 5’ 10”, 200lbs.

Eyliezja Damon Laron SimmonsCaptured
Eyliezja Damon Laron Simmons

Wanted for: UCW - Handgun - MV; Theft $50 - $500; Agg. Robbery - Individual RESID

DOB: 01/21/1994

Details: B/M, 6’ 3”, 185lbs.

Ruben Castoreno RamirezCaptured
Ruben Castoreno Ramirez

Wanted for: Theft Alum/Bronze/Copper; Theft $1,500 to $20,000; Theft under $1,500 enhanced; Fail ID to PO

DOB: 09/15/1971

Details: H/M, 5’ 5”, 175lbs.

Julian Ontiveros Jr.Captured
Julian Ontiveros Jr.

Wanted for: Theft $1500 to $20,000 - vehicle

DOB: 09/13/1971

Details: H/M, 5’ 8”, 180lbs.

Ricardo David SanchezCaptured
Ricardo David Sanchez

Wanted for: Viol Sex Offender Reg - Annual

DOB: 05/22/1972

Details: H/M, 5’ 6”, 146lbs.

Christopher Edward HuppCaptured
Christopher Edward Hupp

Wanted for: Violent Sex Offender Reg-Annual

DOB: 09/27/1984

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 215lbs.

Jose Ramon CarranzaCaptured
Jose Ramon Carranza

Wanted for: Deadly Conduct; Burglary Building - No Force

DOB: 07/25/1969

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 265lbs.

Milton Burnett HarrisCaptured
Milton Burnett Harris

Wanted for: Agg. Asslt. w/ Deadly Weapon; Agg. Asslt. w/ Deadly Weapon

DOB: 10/02/1990

Details: B/M, 6’ 1”, 160lbs.

Jesse Fernando RamosCaptured
Jesse Fernando Ramos

Wanted for: Theft under $1,500; enhanced burglary fo habitation- force

DOB: 07/02/1979

Details: W/M, 5’ 2”, 140lbs.

Ray GonzalezCaptured
Ray Gonzalez

Wanted for: Indecency with a child; contact

DOB: 02/11/1959

Details: H/M, 5’ 8”, 153lbs.

Picture of Enrique Ramirez IIICaptured
Enrique Ramirez III

Wanted for: Robbery; Credit/Debit Card Abuse

DOB: 04/27/1988

Details: H/M, 5’ 9”, 220lbs.

Picture of Ruben Ben ChavarriaCaptured
Ruben Ben Chavarria

Wanted for: Theft - Vehicle $1,500 - $20,000; Evading arrest with vehicle; Probation violation; Failure to appear

DOB: 08/24/1980

Details: H/M, 5’ 8”, 180lbs.

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