Bexar County Sheriff's Office

The mission of the Bexar County Adult Detention Center is:

Bexar County Adult Detention CenterTo deliver detention services and operations necessary for the protection of society, provide a safe environment to the staff working in the building, and maintain the proper well-being of incarcerated persons.

To provide an environment for incarcerated persons in which correction of behavior is possible if the individual so desires. Such an environment shall include the protection of the incarcerated person from victimization within the facility.

To provide an environment for incarcerated persons that maintains the appropriate due process and internal legality necessary to protect an individual’s constitutional rights.

To return the offender to society in a condition (physically, mentally, or any other manner) no worse than when the prisoner came into the facility.

To provide the courts, upon request, with information to and in sentencing decision.

To provide the necessary levels of security, appropriate detainee classification, and staff training to safely accomplish the preceding objectives.

Facility Details

Total Detention Center Capacity (Main Facility and Annex): 4,563 detainees

The average jail detainee population is approximately 3,500 daily.

Main Detention Center Facility: 2,830 Bed Capacity

Detention Center Annex: 1,733 Bed Capacity

The staff is led and directed by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in the public interest. Medical care is provided by University Health Systems, Correctional Health Care Services. Detainee and staff food services are provided by Aramark.

Adult Detention Center Unique Features

Programs and Services

These are a few of the programs and services at the Adult Detention Facility.
To find out more about the programs, visit the Detainee Visitation & Information.

Detention Center Location

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

200 North Comal Street

San Antonio, Texas 78207

(Downtown San Antonio)

Administration Office: 210-335-6010

Detention Administration: 210-335-6219

Access from all major highways, international airport, military airfields, and major medical centers. Fire/EMS response two blocks away. Emergency room within eight blocks. University Clinic within two blocks.

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